I Will Not Be Struck Song Challenge

“Music is the ultimate medium for expressions of love, and those expressions find a beautiful backdrop in the environment. Music is also a popular rallying point — at its central core, it’s a way for people to get in touch with the best parts of themselves and to voice the love in their hearts.” – Gord Downie  


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School Song Challenge:

We want you to sing, play, dance or perform “I WILL NOT BE STRUCK” from the Secret Path. 

Help us honor the 5th anniversary of the Secret Path by participating in our #legacyschoolsongchallenge. We are asking students, individuals, and artists to record a video of themselves performing “I Will Not Be Struck” from the Secret Path. Sing, dance, perform with a variety of attire and musical instruments, and consider incorporating a local Indigenous language into your performance. Be creative in expressing yourselves  

If your video is selected, it will be put into a video montage with other submissions from all over Canada, including submissions from some amazing artists like Kevin Hearn from the Secret Path Band and the Barenaked LadiesCreate a video performance and show us your spirit, your connection, your creativity and your commitment to “Do Something.”   

Challenge details: 

  1. Please start your video with an introduction. Tell us your name, your schools name, your city, then your province or territory. Be sure to acknowledge the traditional Indigenous territory of the land you are on.  

  2. Sing, dance, perform and video tape your interpretation of “I Will Not BStruck”. It can be a solo performance or with a group.  

  3. End your video submission by saying, “All My Relations” *pause* “Do Something” 

  4. Submit your video by June 30, 2021. SUBMIT HERE  

We welcome and encourage submissions from all of our relations in all languages and from all regions (remote, rural, urban) in Canada 

All my relations,” means all. When a speaker makes this statement, it’s meant as recognition of the principles of harmony, unity and equality. – R. Wagamese  

Please note: We are hoping to include as many submissions as possible but due to limited space, some submissions may not make the final edit.  


In this earth-like world  
In this earth-like world  
Before they arrived  

Under this sun-like star  
Under the sun-like star  
They civilized  

Run along the river  
On the Secret Path  
I will not be struck  
I’m not going back  

I can see my father’s face  
Warming his feet by the stove  
We used to have each other  
Now we only have ourselves  

Then I put my ear  
Then I put my ear  
Right against the rail  

So what I couldn’t hear  
What I couldn’t hear  
I would feel  

Run along the river  
On the Secret Path  
I will not be struck  
I’m not going back  

I been staring into space  
Forever or else  
Enter the wilderness  
And we only have ourselves  

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